Participants are familiarized with major principles of efficient project management. The aim is to learn a systematic approach to implement and conduct projects. The training offers various tools for planing, controlling and managing projects.


  • Definition of project management
  • Assessment and selection of projects
  • Organisation of new projects
  • Cost control
  • Project planning, supervision and control
  • Project tasks and criteria
  • Selection of team members
  • Coordination of a project team
  • Cyclical course of action
  • Cost reduction through project management
  • Skill set and competences
  • Tasks and responsibilities of a coordinator
  • Ideal ways of communication
  • Planning methods and problem-solving processess in groups
  • Dealing with opposition
  • 6 steps to goal
  • Project evaluation
  • Techniques of communication within a project team
  • Successful project closure


The training „Project Management“ addresses project managers as well as upper and middle management from corporates and management from the financial and public sector.


Juni, 2024